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The Kodiak Programme gives you a new pack of 25 posters every month! 

Posters change weekly, to keep your employees interested. 
Posters are displayed in a high-quality, anodised aluminium, lockable board, to keep posters clean and secure. 
The service is customised for individual industries, so it covers topics that specifically affect your workplace. 
Posters can be animated for display on plasma screens and digital displays. 
When you subscribe to the service, you will also benefit from an allowance of 12 custom poster designs per year for your own messages. You can use them to make announcements, publicise events or highlight specific issues that cannot be covered in your programme. 
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Workplace posters can lose their impact over time. 

Posters displayed for extended periods of time can become tattered, torn and lose their colour. 
And, as they fade, so do their messages. 
Eventually, your employees will stop looking at them and they will cease to serve their purpose. 
This is where the Kodiak poster programme can help: by providing a continual supply of innovative, high-impact posters, delivered directly to your workplace. 
Our posters change regularly and each one features a fresh new design — so they never get old or tired. 
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